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Attention to maintenance of high voltage equipment

Attention to maintenance of high voltage equipment

Attention to maintenance of high voltage equipment

On the high voltage equipment maintenance work, the main contents can be divided into two parts: the machine operation according to the maintenance strategy; the personnel on duty monitoring and operating equipment in accordance with the situation, only do these two parts, in order to promote the normal operation of high voltage equipment.
1. improve the procedures of electrical equipment maintenance
First of all, for the failure of electrical equipment, do not prematurely disassemble, you must first ask the operator, to understand the cause of the failure and the specific phenomenon of failure. For heavy polluting electrical equipment, clean the contact points, wiring points, and buttons, then check if the external control keys are out of order. This is because many faults are conductive dust and dirt block caused by the obstruction, after cleanness, can remove the faults; second before repair, we observe the existence of external equipment defects, cracks, after understanding the life history and maintenance, and then carefully checked on the machine. Removal of the external fault of the equipment is determined as an internal fault before disassembly can be carried out. In the last part of the power equipment fault in the failure rate is relatively high, so the need in the equipment without electricity for maintenance of electrical equipment according to the power supply, thermal relay, contactor, fuse, button is to judge the fault, then electricity test, according to test parameters, listens to the sound judgment of fault, fault location in order to determine as soon as possible, and as soon as possible the implementation of targeted maintenance.
2., according to the consequences of failure to determine the focus and strategy of maintenance
If the analysis of a device, there may be a lot of problems, although all kinds of failures may affect the smooth operation of equipment, but there are different degrees of impact. Some of the faults affect the working state of the equipment, and some affect the electroacoustic index of the equipment. Some affect the amplitude of the equipment or the output power, and some faults can cause the equipment to stop running. Because there are great differences in the impact of different faults on the equipment, different solutions should be chosen in the face of different faults. But in practical work, the staff often can not distinguish the severity of the fault, which leads to the maintenance work has certain blindness. Therefore, maintenance personnel should always bear in mind that preventive maintenance work aims to eliminate, reduce and avoid the consequences of failures, so that the machines can be scientifically maintained.
3. repair, repair or replace components as possible as possible
Some parts have a certain relationship between the time of use and reliability, so when they produce hidden faults, they will be replaced and repaired to prevent the occurrence of failures. 
But for the parts that do not have some important relationship between time and reliability, it is impossible to improve the performance of the machine when it is replaced or repaired regularly. In actual work, some maintenance personnel is supposed to avoid failure and to replace or repair work from time to time, but because the rush to replace or repair the demolition, leading to a fault, so the staff should be careful to replace or repair work, to avoid other problems.
4., the maintenance of components, cleaning, inspection is the main content of preventive maintenance
The automation system of high voltage equipment is constantly updated, its operating procedures are more simplified, and supervise and control the operation status of the transmitter is dependent on automation control system, the staff can see fewer parts. The past can be monitored, meter reading, patrol and other work can be found in the abnormal situation, and now must be through inspection work to find. We should pay attention to the examination of the performance of components in the maintenance, such as leakage, Water Leakage phenomenon, there is no pin off, there is no ignition traces, tank contact, insurance clip, large current connections without thermal discoloration, these can be seen through the surface observation. However, in the course of maintenance, some of the staff will often ignore these minor changes, thus unable to timely troubleshooting. Therefore, in order to strengthen the work of meticulous, so that staff can find fault at the first time.
















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