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Measurement management of comprehensive laboratory equipment

Measurement management of comprehensive laboratory equipment

Measurement management of comprehensive laboratory equipment

Measurement is to achieve the unity of units, the value of accurate and reliable activities. The accuracy of the so-called value, that is, in a certain uncertainty, error limit or allowable error within the range of accuracy. Accuracy, consistency and traceability are important characteristics of metrological work. Verification and calibration are the main approaches and important means of traceability.
Comprehensive laboratory, a wide range of general equipment, rationalization analysis equipment, microbiological equipment, environmental experimental equipment, mechanical experimental equipment and flame retardant testing equipment. As a centralized equipment during the year, measurement work is very important to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the value.
First, report the equipment measurement plan.
1., pay attention to saving funds when reporting. For the last year and has no measurement equipment used under the annual measurement plan; for performance is basically the same with low frequency equipment, combined use of equipment; those who no longer measured, for the disabled, with red stop sign and seal in order to prevent misuse.
2. reported plans note: experimental measurement cycle equipment for measurement, measuring a year's cycle equipment such as: balance, spectrophotometer, atomic fluorescence, UV VIS spectrophotometer, infrared spectrometer, Fu Liye burette, tensile testing machine, hardness tester, temperature and humidity, and high temperature incubator box furnace; measuring two year cycle equipment such as: atomic absorption spectrophotometer, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, gas chromatography and liquid chromatography; measurement period of three years of glassware such as acid burette. Attention must be made before the expiration of the inspection or on-site inspection, so that all tests should be carried out within the measurement cycle.
3. when reporting, coordinate the relationship between the completion of measurement equipment and the completion of inspection tasks. The annual concentration of metering equipment in the first quarter, it is necessary to complete the test season, inspection tasks and must concentrate metering equipment, must coordinate the work of two. As a Provincial Institute of test and some equipment purchased more than one, the pH meter room equipment inspection, can use outside the room has been calibrated. The pH meter; and as can be purchased, acid burette and two branch, and the inspection teams, in addition each one for experimental use, inspection cycle.
4., pay attention to distinguish between what should be submitted to the inspection plan, which need on-site inspection. Inspection of the equipment is generally small and portable such as ruler, stopwatch, pH meter, conductivity meter, density meter, pipettes, hygrometer (table), commonly used glass container; other large equipment, such as atomic absorption, gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, tensile machine and large environmental test equipment etc. should be on-site measurement.
Pay attention to temperature determination of several temperature control equipment must be calibrated at 5. plans: such as the preservation temperature of -80 - 5 DEG C; fecal coliform incubation temperature 44 - 0.5 DEG C; Staphylococcus aureus incubation temperature 36 - 1 DEG C; yeast and mold incubation temperature 28 - 2 DEG C; portable fire extinguisher for the salt spray test temperature 35 - 5 DEG C; low temperature test battery -15 - 1 DEG C, for electric bikes, each temperature control equipment inspection products commonly used temperature must be calibrated.
Two is the problem found in equipment measurement. If the calibration mold box, it is found that the temperature display is not normal, it is behind the fan without oil, does not turn, the screen displays only the location of the temperature sensor, the uneven temperature in the box, after reminding equipment store keeper pay more attention to the maintenance of equipment, in a timely manner to the fan motor oil, while monitoring the temperature of the mold box. As the infrared carbon sulfur analyzer testing, calibration equipment staff said a lot of noise, so the noise of equipment keeper is not used, the original equipment flat, this should not have so much noise, no problems found timely.
Three is equipment metering confirmation. When the certificate is retrieved, the equipment keeper performs the measurement confirmation. The so-called metrological confirmation refers to whether the equipment calibration result is up to the expected requirement and is confirmed. The keeper is also often use this equipment equipment, familiar with equipment, familiar with the standard of calibration certificate to determine whether the contents meet the expected requirements, to determine compliance with the attached certificate, such as the determination of nonconformity, demotion, repair or scrap, labeling certificate, repair dimension measurement qualified certificate on or after use card.
Four is affixed logo. The certificate is green label with the date of verification, date of calibration, validity, certificate number and verification and calibration unit. No certificate for red logo, sealed in order to prevent misuse of equipment.
Metrological confirmation only for the inspection of products, not comprehensive, in the choice of the use of these devices, to remind everyone must choose to comply with the requirements of the standard test equipment, calibration certificates on the equipment side, easy access to when we use.
















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